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It takes a special cow to make a donor at Worsham Farms. One must combine performance, pedigree and eye-appeal. They must also produce cattle that consistently perform under the hard grass conditions of the Gulf coast.

Here is a list of the cattle meeting our requirements for production and transplant work.

Dam of JF Reba 850

JF Reba 850

Fotune 500 X JF Reba 223B

Straight from the Reba cow foundation of the
Janssen herd and a direct relative of the
Reba 050K, who sold half interest for $22,000.

Currently has 9 sons working in commercial herds who have sired over $230,000 in progeny.

GFI Daisy G16

Blackfoot X ER Blk Trax

Daisy is a very functional and complete cow
with an updated pedigree, the proper frame
size, structure and body type to service the
beef industry today. Her homozygous black,
homozygous polled sire, G&L Blackfoot, has
established himself as a next generation
Black Mick son who is producing structurally
sound, thick and attractive sale topping
progeny. Daisy's dam, ER Black Trax 21C, has
been a very successful donor dam for Gramm
Farms in Minnesota. She is a full sister to ER
Black Cisco, who has validated himself
nationally, as a calving ease / growth bull.

BDV Nichole F607

Preferred Stock X Nichols 77W

If there was an EPD for fleshing ability, total
volume, depth, and spring of rib, Nichole would
certainly be a trait leader in the breed. Sired by
the extremely popular homozygous black,
homozygous polled Preferred Stock bull and
backed by a strong cow family, Nichole brings
some very intriguing pieces of a breeding
equation together. Her excellent disposition,
sound skeletal make-up, wide thick top and
growth EPDs that put her well within the top
two percent of the breed, only solidify her value
as a brood matron.

ASR Miss Lucinda H827

Preferred Stock X Bold Future

Lucinda was purchased from Altenburg Simmentals
in the 1999 Denver National Western sale. She is
an attractive, moderate framed, deep bodied
functional kind of cow with outstanding curve
bender EPDs and a powerful performance stacked
pedigree. Her black Bold Future sired dam offers a
somewhat new twist to the breeding equation and
traces back to the same cow family as the Rains
Limit Up bull at ABS.

H&S Twinkle

H&S Pete X MS BGR Nectar

Twinkle is best known for being the dam of,
without a doubt, one of the best performance
sires in the breed "Bold Future".  At twenty
years of age, she is an extremely sound and
correct fleckvieh influenced cow that is clean in
her lines, deep bodied, and has much to offer
in terms of outcross genetics for today's solid
red and black genetics.

LF Monet

WLE Bandwagon X BH Right Time X Miss 3m 81B

This stout female's dam is a sister to
Honeysuckle Rose.

Miss Doll

C339U X Irish Black Doll

Long, Black, moderate frame with what it takes
to raise herd bulls.



Black Max X Signal X Extra Black

A royal pedigree out of a
Worsham foundation cow.

Additional Donors & Production Females

Miss Twinkles GFI Explosion X Twinkles Maternal sister to Bold Future

Queen of Hearts Zinger X BH Sheza Queen 9A, Red Flare, Queen of Denial…All rolled into this pedigree.

Miss Herc TL Transformer X ER Miss Herc 118X Powerful black cow with a perfect udder, from the $10,000
Transformer sire.

TECC Machille Blacktop 206Y X ER Red Medicine  

MSR 1066L of 515E Full Figures X Red Coat X Pollfleck Top indexing heifer in the 2001 Kansas "Top Cut" Sale.

Miss Prissy Power Stroke X Trendsetter  

Dillon's Darla Stock Market X 600U X Jessie's Darling  

SCC Black Marjorie Franchise X Black Marjorie  

WF PE CA Bou II Big River X Bou I  

Lilly Dennon Big Country X Black Irish Kansas  

SCC Black Aubree Franchise X Miss Aubree  

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